Sinterlist, information retrieval system

For the master’s course Information Retrieval we as a group were tasked to develop a information retrieval system. The development system and the paper about this system should focus on one part of the area information retrieval, and help children create a wish list for Sinterklaas.

Together with Jelle Pingen and Bob Loos, I focussed on the user interaction for both the parents (buying the gifts) and the children (creating a wish list). We started by sending out a questionnaire to  gather a lot of information about the current wish list systems for Sinterklaas. Based on that information the first prototype was created and evaluated. The evaluation was mainly focused on the interaction and the navigation through the system. This evaluation was then used to create a second prototype which has almost the same functionality as the final version should have. This was again evaluated, this time using a questionnaire, a user test and an interview.

The final version of the wish list is web based and functions using html, javascript and ruby on rails. Screenshots of this version can be seen below.